Recomandation Of Parents

Recommendations for Parents

  • Parents are expected to co- operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline the parents should take note of and counter sign the information given in the diary from time to time .
  • Parents are advised that any comment made in the diary by them should be confined to students work and conduct.
  • Parents /Guardians are not allowed to meet their ward or teachers during class hours without sanction of the principal.
  • Any change in the address and phone no. must be notified to the school office in writing.
  • Parents should make it a point to attend the Parents – Teacher meeting on the given dates.
  • Encourage your ward to converse in English at home.
  • Please ensure that your ward watches only useful programmers on T.V.
  • Class picnics, excursion, activities, projects, functions, and sports – meet, assignments etc are all equally important for students. Hence parents are advised to encourage their wards to participate
  • No child is allowed to go before the school gets over, in case the child is sick and he/she has to be taken
  • during the school hours then prior permission is required from the principal.
  • No correction will be done in date of birth without submission of birth certificate with notarised affidavit.